31 Best Companion Plants for Corn in 2023

Companion plants for corn

Every home gardener should consider using companion plants for corn to protect this favorite summertime crop. Corn can easily be damaged by insects and mammals so taking extra steps to protect it is a worthwhile investment of time. One of my favorite summertime memories was going out to my uncle’s farm when I was about … Read more

32 Good Companion Plants for Pumpkins

Companion Plants for pumpkins

Companion plants for pumpkins can help you whether you want to grow the perfect pie pumpkin or the blue ribbon special at the county fair. Learning what to plant with this garden favorite to be more successful than ever.  Pumpkin Companion Plants Companion plants for pumpkins will often benefit pumpkins by attracting pollinating insects, repelling … Read more

25 Great Companion Plants for Raspberries

Companion plants for Raspberries

There are 25 beneficial companion plants for raspberries and another 7 plants that should not be planted with them. Growing up, my great-grandma lived in a small neighbourhood lot in Urbana, Illinois. She used every inch of that property to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Of course, what everyone loved the most was her raspberry … Read more

24 Great Companion Plants for Leeks

Companion plants for Leeks

As a member of the allium family, companion plants for leeks will benefit from its insect-deterring properties and a host of other benefits. While many gardeners grow traditional red or yellow onions, leeks are far less common but absolutely worthwhile! This article will explore how leeks can be the perfect addition to a garden and … Read more

26 Great Companion Plants for Turnips

Companion plans for Turnips

Companion plants for turnips have many benefits. Even if you don’t normally grow turnips, you may want to consider adding them as they have many benefits for other plants! Turnips have a somewhat unique characteristic of acting as a trap crop. Many insects love turnips and will eat them instead of other garden plants. Having … Read more

27 Great Companion Plants for Thyme

Companion plants for thyme

Here are 27 companion plants for thyme that benefit from its properties or share similar growing conditions. There are 27 beneficial companion plants for thyme and  7 plants that should not be planted with them. As you plan your garden, consider adding thyme as a way to “help” the rest of your garden be more … Read more

23 Great Companion Plants for Oregano

Companion Plants for Oregano

There are 23 companion plants for oregano and another 4 plants that should not be planted with it. The friendly fruits, vegetables, and herbs will benefit more from this little herb than they give back to the oregano itself. Oregano or Origanum vulgare is a highly aromatic member of the mint family, but is not … Read more

24 Great Companion Plants for Bok Choy

Natural green pattern close up green vegetable bok choy leaves

24 Companion plants for bok choy that will improve crop yields and plant health. These “friendly” plants repel pests or attract predators,  act as a “trap” crop, provide protection or give additional nutrients.  Bok Choy is part of the brassica family which includes cabbage, broccoli, kale, collard greens, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower.  When organizing … Read more