Yellow Gardenia Leaves And What They Mean

Yellow Gardenia Leaves

Gardenias often steal our hearts with their glossy, emerald, evergreen leaves and the famous, heady, perfumed flowers that grace us with their intoxicating scents in the summer.  They usually stay relatively compact, though some can grow up to or beyond 40 feet tall, so they’re great for small spaces. But, they are known for being … Read more

How far apart should tomatoes be planted?

How far apart should tomatoes be planted

Are you considering planting a tomato garden? Congratulations — There’s nothing quite like fresh tomatoes! If you’re planning on growing a good volume, however, it’s going to take some planning. So, how far apart should tomatoes be planted in order to keep them healthy and ensure that they bear the most fruit? For best results, … Read more

Fertilizer vs Plant Food: Understanding the Difference 🌱💡

Fertilizer vs Plant Food

Did you know that there are vast differences between fertilizer and plant food? A better understanding of fertilizer vs plant food can help you pinpoint their differences. While many gardeners use the two terms interchangeably, fertilizer and plant food are pretty different. Nonetheless, either one plays a significant role in your plant’s life cycle. Here’s … Read more

10 Best Things To Plant In Fall In North Carolina

Things to plant in fall in North Carolina

Looking for the best things to plant in fall in North Carolina? Enhance your North Carolina garden’s productivity this autumn by discovering the ideal crops for the season. With its cool temperatures and vibrant landscape colors, fall in North Carolina is a gardener’s delight. However, it’s essential to recognize that not every plant is suitable … Read more

Why Are My Hydrangeas Wilting

Why are my Hydrangeas wilting

Overall, hydrangeas are easy to grow, hardy plants that can grow in many types of soil and weather conditions. They typically grow well in USDA Grow Zones 3 through 9. They’re big, bushy, and beautiful in the spring and summer garden. Though they are not finicky plants, sometimes they will experience a bit of wilting. … Read more

How to Water a Monstera

How to Water a Monstera Plant

You just brought home your first Monstera or Swiss cheese plant and you’re excited to add it to your mix. Maybe it’s your first foray into house plants because it looks so cool! Either way, congratulations, these plants are quite original and stunning in their displays. The problem is a lot of nursery helpers—especially employees … Read more

When does Bougainvillea bloom?

When does Bougainvillea bloom

If you’ve just planted a juvenile Bougainvillea and it seems to be healthy, then there’s probably just one question on your mind. When does Bougainvillea bloom? Well, the quick answer is that in USDA Zone 9 – 11, your Bougainvillea is an evergreen perennial, and so it will bloom throughout the year. Outside of these … Read more