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At HerbVity we’re dedicated to turning gardening dreams into lush realities for everyone from beginners to seasoned gardeners. Our mission is to arm you with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed for a thriving garden. Here, gardening is more than a practice—it’s a journey of discovery, growth, and connection with nature.

Explore our curated resources designed to elevate your gardening experience. From the synergies of companion planting to solving the mysteries behind yellow leaves, and from nurturing your indoor oasis to mastering the garden with our how-to guides, we cover all grounds. Plus, our expertly crafted buyer’s guides ensure you’re equipped with the best tools for the job. is not just a site; it’s a community committed to sustainable gardening and sharing the journey of growth. We invite you to dive into our sections on companion plants, plant troubleshooting, indoor plant care, practical how-to guides, and comprehensive buyer’s guides for all your lawn equipment needs.

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Companion Plants

Explore the art and science of companion planting in this section. Discover how pairing certain plants together can lead to a more productive, healthy, and beautiful garden. Whether you’re looking to deter pests naturally or boost harvests, our guides cover all you need to know.

The Best Companion Plants For Tomatoes

Tomatos in a garden with other companion plants

Unlock higher yields and healthier tomatoes with these companion plants!

Plants That Grow Well Alongside Cucumbers

Cucumbers grown in a garden

Boost your cucumber garden with these perfect plant partners.

15 Plants To Improve Your Carrot Yield

Batch of carrots in a garden

Maximize your carrot harvest with these proven companion plants.


Transform your garden into a personal oasis with our Decoration insights. Learn about various landscaping elements, from plant selection to garden bed designs and decorative mulches. Find inspiration and practical tips to create a garden that reflects your style and meets your functional needs.

A List Of The Best Shade Loving Perennials

Bleeding heart a perfect perenial for shaded areas

Transform shady spots into colorful retreats with these perennials.

Should You Use Mulch Or Rocks For Decoration

Mulch or Rocks

Deciding between mulch or rocks? Find out which suits your garden.

Is A Raised Or In Ground Garden Bed Better

Raised garden beds

Explore the benefits to elevate your gardening game.


Dive into the world of flowers with articles that cater to enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re interested in specific care instructions for various blooms, design ideas, or tips on creating the perfect flower garden, this section blossoms with knowledge to make your garden vibrant.

How To Care For Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas in a flower pot

Create lush blooms on your hydrangeas with these tips.

A Guide On Bougainvillea Care

Bougainvillea flowers grown in yard

Master the art of vibrant bougainvillea blooms with this guide.

Soils You Can Use For Peace Lillies

Peace lillies in a pot

Discover the perfect soil mix for thriving peace lilies.

Plant Troubleshooting

Tackle common and uncommon garden challenges with confidence through our Plant Troubleshooting guides. From nutrient deficiencies to pest invasions, we provide expert advice to diagnose and solve your garden’s issues, ensuring your plants stay healthy and vigorous.

7 Causes For Yellow Hibiscus Leaves

Wilting pink hibiscus flowering plant

Identify and fix yellow leaf issues on your hibiscus.

Reasons Why Your Hydrangeas Are Wilting

Pink hydrangea flowers wilting

Solve the mystery behind your wilting hydrangeas.

Why Not To Plant Cucumbers Near Tomatoes

Cucumber and Tomatoe plants in the same garden bed

Avoid common pitfalls by learning why these plants clash.

Indoor Plants

Enhance your indoor living spaces with our collection of articles on houseplants. Learn how to select, care for, and style indoor plants for cleaner air, improved aesthetics, and a touch of nature inside your home. Whether you’re a seasoned indoor gardener or a newcomer, there’s something for everyone.

15 Of The Best Indoor Plants To Clean Air

Areca Palm sitting on a window sill

Purify your home air with these top indoor plants.

Split leaf philodendron vs Monstera deliciosa

Leaf of a Split Leaf Philodendron plant

Unravel the differences between these lush, trendy plants.

Types Of Mushrooms In House Plants

Plantpot Dapperlings mushrooms found in the soil of a house plant

Discover what those mushrooms in your pots mean.

How To Guides

Our How To Guides section is a treasure trove of gardening wisdom, offering step-by-step instructions on a wide range of topics. From starting seeds to advanced gardening techniques, these articles are designed to empower gardeners at every skill level to achieve their gardening goals.

How To Grow An Avocado Tree Indoors

Avocado tree being grown indoors in a planter

Start your own avocado tree indoors with ease.

How To Propogate Raindrop Peperomia

Tray of Raindrop Peperomia plants

Simple steps to multiply your raindrop peperomia collection.

How To Grow Hydroponic Potatoes In 3 Steps

Sweet potatoes being grown in a large greenhouse using hydroponics

Embrace hydroponics for faster, cleaner potato yields.

Remove Worms From Blackberries

Bowl of blackberries with worms crawling on them

Keep your blackberries worm-free with these effective methods.

How To Prune Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas being pruned

Pruning hydrangeas made easy for bigger, brighter blooms.

How to Get Rid of Mulch Fungus

Mycelium Fungus growing in mulch

Eliminate mulch fungus quickly with these tips.

Tool Reviews for Successful Cultivating

Selecting the right tools is crucial for gardening success. In this section, find comprehensive reviews and recommendations on the latest gardening tools and equipment. Whether you’re looking for hand tools, power equipment, or garden accessories, our reviews help you make the best choice for your needs.

A List Of 27 Different Types of Rakes

Several different types of rakes hanging on a fence

Find the perfect rake for every garden task here.

The Differences Between A Shovel And Spades

Different types of shovels and pitchforks hanging on a barn wall

Choose the right tool every time: shovel vs spade.

A Buyers Guide For The Best Garden Hoses

A variety of different types of garden hoses

Ensure you’re watering wisely with our top hose picks.