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Herbvity started as a hobby project to better educate myself about gardening in general.

That includes growing your own herbs, veggies, and fruits. Whether you prefer to buy your produce at a grocery store or to grow it from your backyard, you’re guaranteed to learn something.

We have a passionate team who loves the outdoors and is passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with you.

The Team

Editor – Rose Reinhard

Rose Reinhard - Herbvity

Rose Reinhard is a Thai-American animal lover from Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is a passionate vegetarian who loves eating naturally and uses a variety of herbs when she cooks to bring out the best flavors in her meals.

Site Manager – Brock Yates

Brock - Herbvity

Brock Yates has a passion for educating people about turtles & tortoises. He grew up with turtles that he caught in the wild. Realising that the turtles were not correctly cared for due to a lack of knowlege he set out to provide a resource available to everyone in order to ensure good care can be provided to all turtles and tortoises.

Writer – Donaldina Lugeumbiza

Donaldina Lugeumbiza - Herbvity

Donaldina is a home cook and writer who enjoys experimenting with different flavors. She loves to take her readers on a fun-packed, palate pleasing journey through different recipes.

Along the way she recommends the best equipment and tools to prepare tasty meals.

Writer – Onyinyechukwu Ofomata

Herbvity - Onyinyechukwu Ofomata

Onyinyechukwu is a Nigerian content and creative writer who is passionate about music, languages and learning. She appreciates and loves nature, hoping to educate others on how to conserve nature with the various resources at her disposal (and learn from them too!).

Writer – Sarah McCubbin

Herbvity - Sarah McCubbin

Sarah McCubbin lives in Ohio with her husband and 9 kids where they have a large garden and a few chickens in the backyard. Other than gardening, she enjoys reading, photography, scrapbooking and spending time with family. She writes about education, homeschooling and leadership at her blog

Writer – Emmanuel Odebiyi

Emmanuel Odebiyi

Emmanuel is a Content writer that loves to research nature (plants and animals) and write content that will serve as a great source of information for other learners and researchers. He also specializes in Finance and Tech write-ups and he loves to learn new things!

Writer – Joseph Akinkunmi

Joseph Akinkunmi

Joseph is a content writer and strategist for B2B SaaS companies. He holds a BSc in Zoology and enjoys sharing his knowledge about pets and wildlife whenever he can.