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Top 20 Best Gardening Tool Sharpeners

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Do you want to ensure consistent results when working on your garden? Adding the best gardening tool sharpener to your shed or garden toolbox is all you need to do. After all, properly sharpened tools are all you need to maintain the best results. A sharp garden tool, whether a space or knife, requires less effort or force to cut.

Moreover, it facilitates better control, maintains consistent work, and reduces slipping or overcutting. Whether you’re pruning an orchard or digging trenches for new planting, an appropriate sharp garden tool makes that significant difference in ensuring immaculate results.

Choosing the right sharpener for a particular gardening tool can be difficult, especially for beginners or amateur gardeners. So, we’ve put together a lineup of 21 best gardening tool sharpeners recommended by gardener shoppers like yourself to help you find the right option for your needs.

Below is a quick table of each of the sharpeners on the list which includes the type and our rating. If you have more time, feel free to read on throughout this in depth guide to get the full understanding of what all you should consider when buying a tool like this.

Top 21 Best Gardening Tool Sharpeners

Sharpening ToolTypeRating
AccuSharp Knife & Tool SharpenerCarbide SharpenerOverall Best Sharpener
Altuna Pocket Blade SharpenerCarbide SharpenerEditor’s Choice
Corona AC 8300 Garden Tool Blade SharpenerCarbide File SharpenerBudget-friendly Sharpener
AccuSharp Garden Tool SharpenerCarbide SharpenerBang for your Buck
SHARPAL 121N Dual-Grit Diamond Sharpening Stone FileDiamond File SharpenerMost Durable Sharpener
SHARPAL 105N Multipurpose Pocket Garden ToolCarbide SharpenerBest Portable Sharpener
SHARPAL 112N 3-In-1 Knife Garden Tool SharpenerCarbide SharpenerBest for Control
Honoson Garden Tool SharpenerDiamond Coated SharpenerBest Sharpening and Honing Tool
Spyderco – Tri-Angle Diamond Sharpening StonesDiamond Impregnated Triangular StonesBest Finishing and Polishing Tool
Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Knife SharpenerDiamond Rod, Carbide, And Ceramic stonesBest Combination Sharpener
Amtech E2556 Diamond Sharpening FileDiamond Sharpening FileBest Sharpening File
Felco Sharpening ToolDiamond Coated WhetstoneBest whetstone
Truly Garden Store SharpenerCarbide SharpenerBest Carbide Sharpener
AccuSharp Diamond Compact Tapered Rod SharpenerDiamond Impregnated Tapered RodBest Diamond Impregnated Tapered Road
Spyderco 400 Square Ceramic Sharpening FileCeramic Stone File SetBest For Tools With Smaller Sharpening Details
Honoson Electric Chainsaw Sharpener KitElectric Motor SharpenerBest Electric Sharpener
DMT Diafold Serrated Diamond Knife SharpenerDiamond Impregnated Tapered RodBest for Serrated Knives
Smith’s 50185 Jiffy-Pro Handheld SharpenerCarbide Sharpener And Ceramic RodBest for Shears
Impresa Axe Sharpening Puck and Tool SharpenerWhetstoneBest for Axes and Machetes
Q-yard QY-007A Handheld Multi-SharpenerCarbide SharpenerBest for Pruners

Table of Contents

What is a Garden Tool Sharpener?

A garden tool sharpener is a tool built to help you sharpen bladed or edged /gardening tools. Gardening tools come in a variety of types and designs. Some gardening sharpeners feature a versatile design, letting you use them for multiple garden tools. Others boast a more specialized design and are specially built for particular tools.

Here’s a list of common gardening tools you can use a garden tool sharpener for;

  • Box and wire cutters
  • Bill hook
  • Gardening knives, scissors, and shears
  • Digging knives
  • Hedge shears
  • Machetes
  • Hatches and axes
  • Hoes
  • Shovels and spades
  • Loppers
  • Pruners
  • Landscape bars
  • Lawnmower blades
  • Multi-tools

Why Use a Garden Tool Sharpener?

A garden tool sharpener offers multiple benefits and ultimately, helps you achieve the best gardening results. Here are some of the best reasons for using a gardening tool sharpener;

  • Easier cutting, digging, or other motions
  • Better tool handling and control
  • Reduces overcutting and slipping
  • Less time used on garden work
  • Produces better results
  • Some sharpeners offer great value as they sharpen more than one type of tool

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Sharpener for Gardening Tools

When choosing the best garden tool sharpener, you can pay attention to particular features based on your needs. For instance, someone who is on a strict budget can look at factors such as cost and value (size in relation to cost), among others.

On the other hand, other potential customers may look at issues such as capacity, ease of use, mode of operation, and even design, among others. Ultimately, like any other garden tool, examine factors that matter the most to you.

Nonetheless, in addition to the general features, you have to familiarize yourself with the different types of garden tool sharpeners. This allows you to pick the appropriate kind for your sharpening needs. We’ve highlighted the common types of commercially available sharpeners for gardening tools to serve as a buyer’s guide for you;


There’s a myriad of gardening tool sharpener types available. But, these are the most common ones you will come across when shopping for one to add to your garden tool shed;

File Sharpeners

Uses: Sharpening and filing metal and non-metal garden and landscape tools

File sharpeners or mill bastard files are perfect for lightly sharpening regular everyday gardening or landscaping tools. These include general tools, like shovels, spades, and hoes. Moreover, you can use file sharpeners for filing applications, like squaring a PVC pipe when putting together an irrigation system.

 Sharpening files are usually made from materials such as metal or diamond, and come in singles or sets. File sharpeners are usually cheap and quick to use. They also come in various sizes and shapes, including flat, round, and triangular, to mention a few.

However, file sharpeners don’t always work for all gardening and landscaping tools. For instance, they are not ideal for fine-edged knives or scissors, especially if they are metal files.  Moreover, file sharpeners may leave unwanted grooves on some tools when sharpened in the wrong motion.

Nonetheless, a file sharpener is a standard sharpener to own as it offers a quick and convenient sharpening solution for many tools. Just pair it with a file card when you pair one to help remove fillings and debris from its grooves after use to prolong its durability. Further, opt for a file sharpener with a handle to make it easier and less cumbersome to use.


Uses: Sharpening knife blades or secateurs and deburring

Also known as bonded abrasive whetstones, whetstones used for garden tool sharpening are typically man made instead of being cut from the earth. They are typically bonded grit surfaces rather than actual fine-grained stones.

Whetstones come in two subtypes: Wet ones or oil-based ones that need water or oil, respectively to lubricate them for effortless blade sharpening. Moreover, they can be single-sided or double sides with a fine and coarse grit level. Whetstones are ideal for sharpening knife blades or secateurs blades. They come in handy when you want to remove mid to large amounts of metal quickly.

Garden tool whetstones are also cheaper and long lasting, like actual natural stones. In many cases, garden tool whetstones don’t require oil or water for lubrication, either.  Due to their closely related design, whetstones make excellent alternatives for file sharpeners.

Unfortunately, whetstones can easily chip or break when dropped. The bonded material can easily tear off if flimsily bonded if used over time or aggressively. Aggressive use of the same area can also cause the stone to develop wear patterns on the area.

Carbide Sharpeners

Uses: Aggressive metal removal or quick touch-ups for various garden and landscaping tools.

Carbide sharpeners are extremely hard sharpeners made of tungsten carbide inserts. They can be designed as single or double inserts. Carbide sharpeners are usually V, chisel, or flat-shaped and are great for quick touch-ups. Their hard nature also makes them ideal for removing aggressive or equally hard/tough metal.

These sharpeners offer the best and easiest way to create an edge on your garden tool. Carbide sharpeners are also cheap, lightweight, and rust-resistant. You can also find options that use reversible or replaceable carbides to prolong their usability.

Depending on the type of carbide sharpener you go for, you can use them on scissors, knives, axes, machetes, hatchets, hoes, and shovels. Others even work on lawnmower blades, loppers, and pruners.  Unfortunately, carbide sharpeners can leave burrs.

They can also remove a lot of material from precision cutting blades when you use a lot of pressure during sharpening. This causes the tool blade to develop uneven surfaces. Moreover, carbide sharpeners don’t fit the tightest of spaces so they may not be ideal for just any tool.

Diamond-Coated Sharpening Tools

Uses: Portable sharpener for knives, secateurs, spades, and hoes.

Diamond-coated sharpening tools come in the form of blocks or pocket-sized tools. You can find a few options intended for knives and secateurs while others work for hoes and spades.

Sharpening Steels

Uses: Sharpening loppers

Sharpening steels are primarily made for kitchen knives. But, you can find a few models made for gardening tools, particularly loppers.

Diamond Impregnated Tapered Rods

Uses: Precision sharpening various garden tools and tight places, deburring

Diamond-impregnated tapered rods are sharpeners made from steel and bear tiny diamond particles bonded to the surface. These tiny diamond particles are what sharpen the soft metal material on the garden tool blade edges. Due to their design, these tapered rods offer more precision sharpening and leave a smoother cutting edge.

The bonded diamond particles extend their durability. Their design also makes them perfect for sharpening regular knife blades, chisel ground edges, and serrated blades. They are also great for reaching tight and circular parts, like a digging tool or a hedge shear’s scalloped pockets. However, these sharpeners come with a steep learning curve.

Diamond Impregnated Double-Sided Sharpeners

Uses: Ideal for medium metal removal and edge touch-up and deburring

Double-sided diamond-impregnated sharpeners, paddle sharpeners, or paddle files are other viable sharpener varieties. These sharpeners are equipped with dual working sides, typically with any of the two – extra fine, fine, medium, or coarse grit sides.

Paddle sharpeners can be used for sharpening a variety of gardening and landscaping tools. However, they are most effective at medium-level metal removal, quick touch-ups, and deburring. When you use a fine-grit paddle sharpener, you get a nice clean and sharp edge. However, a paddle sharpener will not access tight spaces like a single-sided tapered rod would.

Diamond Impregnated Triangular Stones

Uses: Sharpening various gardening tools, finishing, and polishing

These triangular-shaped diamond stones feature small diamond particles bonded to a metal surface to create a characteristic triangular shape. These stones can be used to sharpen a wide variety of gardening and landscaping tools.

Ceramic Stones

Uses: Sharpening various gardening tools

Ceramic stones are typically made from synthetic sapphire to give them a hard nature. Due to this, you can use these synthetic stones for a wide range of gardening and landscaping tools.

Electric Tool Sharpeners

Uses: Sharpening and grinding straight-edged and serrated knives, scissors, shears, and multiple gardening and landscaping tools (ideal for larger tools or significant metal removal)

If you want a more automated tool, an electric, belt-driven, or grinder sharpener is the type to go for. Unlike the hand-held varieties listed above, electric sharpeners are bigger and immobile so they require more space.

Electric sharpeners are usually versatile (can handle multiple tools) or specialized. They use a motorized design for efficient and effective grinding. However, an electric sharpener comes in handy when handling larger tools or for removing a lot of metal. It is particularly great for tools, such as hatchet, axe, shovels, spades, landscape bars, and lawnmower blades.

  • Type: Carbide sharpener
  • Great for: Straight and serrated knives, axes, and machetes

The AccuSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is an accessory for gardeners of all levels should own. This versatile and portable sharpener comes in handy with a variety of gardening tools. These include straight and serrated knives, axes, and machetes, among others.

Built with a commercial-grade tungsten carbide blade, the diamond-honed sharpener sharpens, restores, and repairs tools. You can use it to sharpen dull or nicked blades and then, hone them for a fresh sharpness.

Moreover, this sharpening tool features a reversible tungsten carbide blade design, thanks to its dual-sided construction. Thanks to this design, the tool offers extended longevity. You will be most impressed with this versatile sharpener’s typically sharpens an edge in just 10 seconds.

To make the sharpening process easier, the tool sharpener is fitted with a safe and unique ergonomic handle for easier control. The handle works comfortably for left and right-handed people. A full-length guard fitted on the handle makes usage safe as it protects the fingers from accidental cutting.


  • Award-winning design
  • Replacement blades available for purchase
  • The reversible blade extends its longevity (up to 10 years)
  • Extremely hard and durable tungsten carbide material


  • Can be a little small for big hands
  • Type: Carbide Sharpener
  • Great for: Gardening knife, shears, clippers, hedge scissors, and pruning shears

The Altuma Pocket Blade Sharpener is ultra portable and fits in your pockets to take it anywhere. In between your garden tasks, remove it from your pockets to prep your tools quickly and conveniently. The small and portable size also allows you to stash it inside your home – even in a kitchen cabinet.

Yet, its functionality exceeds its size, giving the illusion of a comprehensive and large tool. This pocket-sized tungsten carbide blade sharpener works for a range of gardening and landscaping tools. You can use it on anything from a simple gardening knife or shears to clippers, hedge scissors, and pruning shears.

The sharpener boasts a medium coarse grit blade that can restore smooth and sharp edges in just two to three slides. The sharpener is also equipped with an ergonomic anti-slip handle for control and safety. Inside the retractable handle, you will find an oil-soaked sponge that helps to prevent rust build-up on the blade. You can even use the removable sponge to lubricate the blades on your tools after sharpening to protect them from rust and damage.


  • A removable oil-soaked sponge to prevent blade rust and damage
  • The sponge can be removed to re-soak with oil
  • Ergonomically designed pen-like sharpener for safe and effective use
  • Pocket-sized and portable to fit anywhere or to carry with you


  • Can be a little aggressive
  • Type: Carbide file sharpener
  • Great for: Small to medium straight blades

The Corona AC8300 Tool Blade Sharpener is a wonderful go-to sharpener if you are on a tight budget. Except for larger blades, like saw or lawnmower blades, this sharpener is an excellent sharpening accessory for most straight blades. Yet, it remains small and compact enough to fit into your pants or shirt pocket, or tool bag.

The portable sharpener is designed as a 5-inch carbide file that offers long lasting durability and a strong enough surface for reliable sharpening. In fact, the sharpener is just as effective and convenient in its functionality as its portability and strong construction.

It uses two simple steps to sharpen your garden tools. Simply sharpen the bevel edge from center to tip up to 5 times. Then, finish off by filing the flat back side of the blade once to remove excess burrs. Within a few seconds, you will have a garden tool blade as sharp as a new one.

The sharpening tool also boasts a lightweight and long enough pen-style design to make it comfortable to handle. It is molded with a non-slip rubber grip to prevent slipping when sharpening your tools for safe use.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Molded with a rubber grip for non-slip sharpening
  • Blade file cover for safe storage and to prevent damage
  • Convenient and long pen-style design for easy handling and storage


  • Can be a little too sharp
  • Type: Carbide sharpener
  • Great for: Lawnmower blades, secateurs, limb loppers, hoes, shovels, scythes, and single-blade tools

The AccuSharp Garden Tool Sharpener gives you a great bang for your buck if you want to enjoy the most value on your purchase. This affordable sharpener delivers top quality performance to make it an excellent investment. It features a double-sided diamond-honed tungsten carbide sharpener designed to restore, repair, and hone your garden tools.

In addition to restoring dull or nicked blades, it helps to create a fresh fine, clean, and sharp edge on your tools. On the other hand, the double-sided construction extends its longevity to double the time since you have two blades to go through. According to the manufacturer, this sharpening tool gives you up to 10 years of usage time before needing blade replacement, if used right.

The tool is particularly effective at working on lawnmower blades, secateurs, limb loppers, hoes, shovels, and scythes. It is also effective in sharpening and honing most single-level tools. To complement the reliably hard tungsten carbide blade is a safe and ergonomic high grip handle with full finger guards. When you are done sharpening your tools, a simple wash with soap and water or in a dishwasher is all it takes to keep it clean.


  • Ultra durable double-sided blade – lasts up to 10 years
  • Sharpens tools in just 10 seconds
  • Easy to clean with just water and soap or dishwasher
  • Protective full-length finger protector


  • May struggle with some tools, like clippers
  • Type: Diamond file sharpener
  • Great for: Knives, axes, hatchets, lawnmower blades, loppers, chisels, and spades

If you are on the market for an ultra durable sharpener, the double-sided Sharpal 121N Diamond Sharpening Stone File doesn’t disappoint. The sharpener features a full tang hardened and tapered stainless steel coated with highly durable monocrystalline diamonds.

The hardness it offers delivers incredible sharpness to any tool blade without the need for water or oil for lubrication.  But, you will be most impressed by the sharpener’s dual grinding surfaces that cater to different grinding needs. You get dual-sided grits with a 325 coarse level and 1200 extra fine grit level.

While the coarse grit side aids in quick edge setting, the extra fine side facilitates effective honing. This sharpening tool is perfect to use with straight edges, edge tools, and pointed tools. You can also use it with axes, hatchets, loppers, chisels, spades, and lawnmower blades.  On the other hand, an ergonomically designed hard plastic grip handle makes the sharpener control safer and more stable.


  • Dual quick sharpening and honing grit sides
  • Extremely hard monocrystalline diamond particles
  • Durable full tang stainless steel blade construction
  • High grip and ergonomic plastic handle


  • May affect the diamond grit when used with great force over time
  • Type: Carbide sharpener
  • Great for: Straight blade knives, pruners, loppers, hedge shears, scissors, axe, hatchets, machetes, and lawnmower blade

The Sharpal 105N Multipurpose Pocket Garden Tool offers a cool and stylish portable design. You can place it in your shirt or pant pockets as its removable pen clip securely clips in. The tool even features a built-in lanyard hole to wear around the neck or attach to your tool belt or pack.

The outer cover of the tungsten carbide sharpener features a dual black and bright orange color to enhance its visibility. So, when you are busy outdoors, don’t worry about misplacing it! This black and orange plastic cover doesn’t just serve as an exterior aesthetic.

It also offers full protection for the interior full carbide construction. On the other hand, a pen clip securely seals the tool when not in use for safe, damage-free storage. To boost its durability, the sharpener features an all-tungsten carbide construction with 10,000 times push and slide testing against blades.

The hardness offered by its tungsten carbide construction caters to various garden blades for superior sharpening, restoration, and honing. In fact, the tool has a dual stage setting that involves a quick edge setting for badly worn, nicked, or dull blades.

It is then followed by fine honing to achieve a sharp edge. The carbide sharpener works for an extensive lineup of tools, excluding serrated blades. The sharpening tool is effective on pruners, loppers, hedge shears, straight knife edges, scissors and shears, axes, hatchet, machetes, and mower blades.


  • Restores and hones
  • Compact with built-in lanyard hole and removable pen clip
  • High visibility black and orange exterior to prevent loss and to protect the carbide blade
  • Soft feel rubber grip handle for nonslip use


  • May not work for all fine blade edges
  • Type: Carbide sharpener
  • Great for: Straight edge knife, scissors, axes, and machetes

The Sharpal 112N tool sharpener is specially built to offer great control. Unlike most carbide sharpeners, this sharpener features large handles to accommodate different hand sizes. Moreover, the oversized handle design optimizes safety as it allows you to wear safety gloves during the sharpening process.

Further, the sharpening tool is also built with an oversized safety hand guard for added security.  Further, a rubber-coated handle promotes comfort for strain-free sharpening. While optimizing safety, the handheld garden tool sharpener also features a multipurpose 3-in-1 build. Its comprehensive preset sharpening angle design lets you accommodate scissors, knives, axes, and machetes.


  • 3-in-1 preset sharpening angles to accommodate multiple style tool blades
  • Works for straight edges, wide bevel blades, and scissors
  • Oversized handle to accommodate safety gloves
  • Premium abrasive material with 10,000 pulls blade testing


  • Great quality but the plastic component is flimsy
  • Type: Diamond Whetstone
  • Great for: Knives, scissors, pruners, and loppers

The Honoson Garden Tool Sharpener offers an unmatched sharpening and honing performance thanks to its double-sided blade. The sharpener comes as a two-piece deal, comprising two sharpeners, each with dual-sided grit sides. Each sharpener is made from titanium-plated diamond whetstone with a hardened surface.

Moreover, the surface features a honeycomb pattern for faster and more effective sharpening compared to regular whetstones. When it comes to the dual-sided grit surfaces, one side features a coarse 400 grit level while the other has an extra fine 600 grit level.

 The coarse grit side is great for quick edge setting while the latter is perfect for honing. Moreover, unlike natural whetstones, you don’t need any oil for lubrication. You can choose to dry sharpen your tools or lubricate the process with water.


  • 2-piece pack with a black and orange sharpener
  • Retractable covers for safe storage when not in use
  • Portable and pocket-friendly
  • Titanium-plated grinding stones for added durability


  • The cover and handle can become wobbly over time
  • Type: Diamond-impregnated triangular stones
  • Great for: Finishing and polishing

The Spyderco Tri-Angle Diamond Sharpening stones feature a unique design and equally unique functions. These versatile sharpening stones are built to offer professional-grade finishing and polishing.  The diamond stones are held together by a bonding agent on stainless steel and covered in diamond particles for a hard abrasive finish.

This advanced construction makes these sharpening stones ideal for more aggressive work. They facilitate dense metal removal, restoration, re-shaping, re-edging, and re-profiling of a cutting edge. You can use these stones for the most straight and serrated edges. Alternatively, use the stones to complete a 204 Sharpmaker Sharpening system. As an added perk, this sharpening tool comes as a pair.


  • Sold as a pair
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Multi-functional and can be used for straight and serrated blades


  • Alittle expensive
  • Type: Carbide and ceramic stone with diamond-coated rod
  • Great for: Straight and serrated edge knives

The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener features a combination of carbide and ceramic stone along with a diamond-coated rod for impressive sharpening performance.  While these sharpeners are specially built for hunting knives, they also work particularly well with several gardening tools.

This pocket pal knife sharpener is equipped with a fold-out diamond-coated rod and preset crossed blades you can easily pull your tools through for convenient sharpening. The ceramic and carbide stones feature a double-stage design with a pull-through coarse carbide slot for fast edge settings on dull and damaged knives.

A fine ceramic stone provides a more polished and smooth edge setting ideal for both straight and serrated edges. On the other hand, the fold-out diamond rod boasts a tapered round design to make it great for sharpening serrations, standard edges, or smaller tools, like hooks.


  • Preset sharpening angles for the best results
  • Extremely portable – measuring just 3.5” long and 1 ounce
  • Built-in lanyard hole for added portability
  • Great for gardening and many other outdoor activities


  • Only ideal for knife edges
  • Type: Diamond sharpening file
  • Great for: Scissors, knives, spades, and shovels

The ultimate sharpening file, the Amtech Diamond Sharpening File uses a diamond-coated blade for the best grinding results. In fact, the sharpening file features a double-sided blade design, fitted with different grit levels on either side. The 10-inch sharpening file features a flat tapered blade with a fine 400 grit level. The other side features a curved blade with 240 coarse grit levels.

The double-sided grit blades facilitate edge setting and final honing for most garden scissors and knives. An attached soft plastic handle offers a comfortable soft feel while maintaining a high grip for safe and stable sharpening.


  • Flat and tapered for easier sharpening
  • Dual-sided for edge setting and honing
  • Works in tight spaces
  • 3-year guarantee on the blade


  • Tends to shed some diamond particles
  • Type: Diamond sharpening file
  • Great for: pruning shears, straight-edge knives, cable cutter blades, and secateurs

The Felco Sharpening Tool is a good option for gardeners who want to use a sharpening whetstone for their tools. Made from diamond-coated steel, the sharpener stone guarantees unmatched hardness and long lasting durability. Moreover, the sharpening stone offers a 3-in-1 function. You can use it for sharpening, strengthening, and honing.

But, for the best clean-cut results, use the sharpener for edging and honing pruners and most knife edges. In addition to their hard diamond-coated build, these stones are specially constructed to reach all areas for secateur blade sharpening. This makes shears and pruners ultra sharp for more precise, clean, and effortless cuts.


  • Facilitates professional grade intensive sharpening, blade strengthening, and honing
  • Facilitates clean and precise cuts
  • Simple to use with zero need for lubricants
  • Specially built for secateurs blade sharpening


  • Somewhat short
  • Type: Carbide sharpeners
  • Great for: Pruners, weeders, loppers, and shears

The Truly Garden Store sharpener isn’t just one of the best garden tool sharpeners made of tungsten carbide blades on the market. These particular garden tool sharpeners are specially built for secateurs and shear-style tools. These sharpeners work grade for pruners, weeders, loppers, and shears.

However, you can also use the ultra hard blades for sharpening knives. A rubberized metal handle on the opposite side of the blade allows for safer and more controlled sharpening – with minimal accidents. When the sharpener is not in use, a protective cap helps to preserve the blade.


  • Great value – 2-pack deal
  • Quickly sharpens shear and secateurs-style tools
  • Compact and stores easily in small spaces
  • A protective cap protects the sharpening blade


  • A protective cap clip isn’t as secure when clipped on a tool belt
  • Type: Diamond-impregnated tapered rod
  • Great for: Straight and serrated knives

The AccuSharp Diamond Compact Sharpener stands out as the best gardening tool sharpener when it comes to the diamond-impregnated tapered rod. The sharpener features a more compact design to make storage, transport, and use a lot easier. Nevertheless, its compact nature is not all that makes it an incredible investment. Its diamond construction gives it its renowned hardness while maintaining incredible abrasion for fast tool reconditioning and sharpening.

The ultimate outdoorist’s go-to gem, this uniquely shaped tapered rod sharpener is ideal for most straight-edge and serrated-edge blades. You can use it for gardening, hunting, and fishing tools, among others. Its sharp, tapered, and cone-shaped design also makes it easier to use in tight spaces. So, you can use it to sharpen ultra smaller tools, too.


  • Extremely hard and durable diamond-coated steel rod construction
  • Ergonomically designed rubber grip handle
  • The pocket clip that aligns with the handle for safe closure and storage
  • Holster pocket clip for convenient storage on the go


  • It can loosen up on its pocket clip – forcing you to tape it on
  • Type: Ceramic sharpening file
  • Great for: Damaged edges, smaller serrated edges, pruners, loppers, hedge shears, and stick pruners

The Spyderco 400 Square Ceramic Sharpening File serves as an outstanding alternative for fixing damaged garden tool edges. Unlike metal for diamond files, this ceramic file facilitates cleaner and more precise sharpening without degrading its sharpening surface.

Moreover, its precise design also comes in handy for smaller serrations, such as those observed on billhooks. The best part about this particular ceramic file sharpener is that it comes in a set of 4 files. You get round, square, triangle, and teardrop-shaped files to cater to various needs. Plus, you don’t need any lubricant for sharpening while post-sharpening care simply calls for the use of water and a soft scouring pad to clean the file.


  • Perfect for sharpening small detailed tools
  • Doesn’t need lubricant to work
  • Set of 4 different shaped files
  • Portable leather storage pouch


  • Alittle costly
  • Type: Electric sharpener
  • Great for: Most gardening tools

Honoson Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit offers the best value for your money, giving you a convenient home machine. With this tool, your gardening and household chores are significantly simplified. The sharpening tool doesn’t just come in handy in gardening tool sharpening. You can even use it for home improvement applications, such as wood sanding, jade polishing, and metal polishing.

This 180W power chain saw sharpening tool set comes with 6 diamond sharpening wheels, an angle attachment, and a wrench. It is further equipped with a 5-speed setting, spanning from 8000 to 35000 RPM for energy and time-saving sharpening. The electric sharpener is mostly useful for small to large garden equipment, ranging from nails, shears, and blades, to hoes and shovels.


  • Great for household and gardening applications
  • Variable speed setting for optimal convenience
  • Multiple grinding wheels, angle, and wrench attachments
  • Affordably priced


  • Can be confusing for beginners to use
  • Type: Diamond-impregnated tapered rod
  • Great for: serrated and straight edge

If you are struggling to get the best sharpening results for your serrated garden tools, the DMT Diafold Serrated Diamond Knife Sharpener offers the solution to your problems. The tool sharpener is constructed using micronized monocrystalline diamond particles for a faster and easy edging job.

The diamond-impregnated tapered cone rod has a diameter range of 1.4 to 1/16 inches, allowing it to accommodate different sizes of serrated and straight edges. Moreover, you can use it as a mini steel gut hook sharpener and conical file, thanks to its fine 600 mesh grit surface. In fact, this fine-grit surface helps you achieve the cleanest razor-sharp edges.


  • Fine diamond surface for razor-sharp edging
  • Can be used for dry or water-lubricated sharpening
  • Fold and go handles for added convenience
  • Foldable cover to protect the diamond plate when not in use


  • The handle can break when not careful
  • Type: Carbide sharpener and ceramic rod
  • Great for: Straight edges and large scissors

For shears, scissors, and similar style tools, the Smith’s 50185 Jiffy-Pro Handheld sharpener is a fantastic tool. In fact, the sharpening tool boasts slots designed for large scissors and shears. But, you can also use it for pocket, hunting, fishing, and kitchen knives. The uniquely shaped sharpener features a two-stage design to use with straight-edge knives.

It has carbide blades that take care of dull or damaged blades while ceramic rods hone the edges for clean razor sharpness. However, you will be most impressed by the sharpener’s unique patented scissor sharpeners. Built into the tool’s handle are enlarged sharpening slots that accommodate everything from gardening to hunting and fishing shears.


  • 3-in-1 sharpeners: carbide blades, ceramic rods, and enlarged scissor sharpening slots
  • Preset accurate sharpening angles
  • Accommodates left and right-handed scissors
  • full-length finger and thumb guard with soft grip rubber handle


  • Can be a little big for smaller scissors
  • Type: Whetstone
  • Great for: Axes, hoes, hatchets machetes, straight edges, lawn mower blades, shovels, and spades

The Impresa Axe Sharpening Puck and Tool Sharpener set is perfect for medium-sized tools such as machetes and axes. The sharpener set features dual grit whetstone sharpeners that efficiently work on dull, blunt, and tired edges. The set contains two sharpening stones, each with medium 280 grit and extra coarse 120 grit on the other side.

Since you get two pieces of the sharpening stones, you enjoy extended longevity. While delivering incredible results on axes, machetes, and straight-edge knives, the whetstones remain compact and portable enough to fit in your pant pockets. Their puck shape is purposely chosen to keep your fingers safe during the sharpening process, too.


  • 2-piece pack
  • Dual coarse grit level surfaces
  • Restores damaged blades and maintain a fine-dressed edge
  • Puck shape protects your fingers


  • Can be somewhat small
  • Type: Carbide sharpeners
  • Great for: Pruners

The Q-yard Handheld Multi-Sharpener is a reliable sharpening tool for all types of pruners. Whether you own pruning shears or hand pruners, these carbide sharpeners come in pretty handy. The tool is fitted with a dual hard carbide blade that accounts for the smooth and sharp edges produced during sharpening.

A removable oil-soaked sponge completes the process by protecting each tool blade from rust and corrosion. On the other hand, an oversized handle with a durable large plastic head and finger guard keeps you safe during the sharpening process.


  • Safe oversized handle with non-slip design
  • ABS plastic protection arch
  • Dual tungsten carbide razor blades
  • Removable oil-soaked sponge for rust-free blades


  • Not the best for large hands

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should I Sharpen My Gardening Tools?

The frequency with which you sharpen your gardening tools highly depends on how much and how often you use them. If used daily, a garden tool should be sharpened weekly. If you use them a few times a week, you can reduce the sharpening frequency to once a month. Don’t forget to wash/clean the tool before sharpening and protect it with a lubricant (anti-corrosion oil) after sharpening to prolong its durability.

Should I Oil My Gardening Tools After Sharpening Them?

You should certainly oil your gardening tools after every sharpening session. Oiling gardening tools goes a long way to preserving their longevity and usability. This is because the oil helps to prevent rust and corrosion build-up on metal blades. On the other hand, oil also protects wood from rotting, drying, and cracking. So, oil both metal and wooden parts of the tool to protect it after each sharpening session.

Do I Have to Clean A Garden Tool Before Sharpening It?

You should definitely clean your garden tool every time you want to sharpen it. Clean the tool based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring it is free of plant, dirt, or other residual debris. While some sharpeners do a good quick edge setting, you may have to remove extra build-up before you continue sharpening the tool with others.

For example, you can use coarse-grit sanding paper to remove rust, if you lack a coarse-grit sharpener. Similarly, you can use solvents, like alcohol or kerosene if your tool material allows it to remove stubborn residue, such as sap, before you proceed with the sharpening process. Cleaning a garden tool before sharpening doesn’t just protect it. It also prevents putting too much strain on the sharpener or dirtying it with unwanted residue, impacting its full functionality.

How Do I Maintain Sharp Garden Tools?

Store sharp garden tools by protecting their blades. Each garden tool will either come with a manufacturer’s instructions on storage, a special storage sleeve or bag or compel you to invest in one. If you have a shed or garage space, you can install a tool hanging shelf, cabinet, or drawer to securely store the tools. The main goal is to ensure the blade isn’t piled on with any materials which can cause it to chip or damage in any way.

What Happens If I Don’t Clean and Sharpen Garden Tools?

If you don’t clean and sharpen garden tools over time, you will affect their quality and functionality. A dull garden tool is difficult to control and even dig or cut with. Moreover, it puts you at risk of injuries since you have to use more force to use it while still getting inconsistent results.

On the other hand, dirty tools bear various types of dirt, residue, and even microbes. This increases the risks of microbial, fungal, and disease transfer around the garden, among other things.

The Verdict

Using the best gardening tool sharpener is truly important for gardeners of all levels. Unlike other parts of your garden gear shopping experience, searching for a tool sharpener may not seem as exciting. Nonetheless, it plays a significant role in helping you maintain a consistently beautiful and healthy garden, backyard, or landscape.

With our list, you are guaranteed to find a sharpener for any tool you have in your garden, whether a simple digging knife or more elaborate lawnmower blades. If you are looking for an essential gardener’s tool sharpener to get you started, our number favorite is the AccuSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.

If you are on a budget, you can go for a cheaper but, equally top-quality sharpener, the Corona AC 8300 Garden Tool Blade Sharpener. If you want a sharpener for a particular garden tool, you can browse through our complete list to find the right model.

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