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Top 12 Best Seed Starter Kits

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Did you know that using the best seed starter kits increases the chances of successful seed germination and seedling growth? Our 13 recommendations for the best starter kits can help you get started with your journey.

If you struggle with an incomplete seed growth cycle and poor plant growth upon every attempt, changing your strategy by introducing seed starting kits may be the solution. Unlike items readily found around the house, seed starter kits are specially designed for seed starting.

Built to help you start sowing seeds during the cold season before the warmer months hit, seed starter kits significantly boost survivability rates. After all, these tools are designed to facilitate the perfect conditions for seed germination and seedling growth before transplanting. You can even take advantage of them in warmer climates where you don’t have the cold weather limiting you.

So, choose your go-to kit from our lineup of the market’s 13 incredible seed starter kits for this year listed below to help better transform your gardening and seed planting experience!

Best Seed Starter Kit Comparison Table

Seed Starter KitNo. of Cells/Growing MediaRanking
YAUNGEL Seed Starter Tray120Overall
Burpee SuperSeed Seed Starting Tray 36Editor’s Pick
MIXC Seed Starter Kit120Most Popular
Super Sprouter Premium Heated Propagation KitN/ABest Beginners
Sondiko Seed Starter Tray 80Bang for your Buck
Gardzen 5-Set Garden Propagator Set200Cheapest
Jiffy 36mm Windowsill Greenhouse Kit24Best Compact
Burpee Self-Watering Seed Starter Tray72Best Self-watering
YAUNGEL Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light48Best for Light Control
Soligt 2 Set 60-Cell Seed Starter Kit120Best Gift
Luvcosy Colorful Illuminated Seed Starter Kit54Best Design
Jitnetiy Rectangle Stainless Steel Seed Sprouting Tray N/ABest for Sprouts

What is a Seed Starter Kit?

A seed starter kit is a tool designed for sowing seeds to facilitate germination and seedling growth before transplanting into a larger growing media, like a garden bed or pot. However, you can also use starter kits for planting seedlings. Typically, a seed starter kit comes in handy during the winter season when the outdoors is too cold to plant anything in planters or straight into the ground.

Nonetheless, you can use a seed starter kit even in warmer seasons. Since these kits are designed for indoor use, they offer the right conditions (including high temperature and humidity) for faster and more successful seed germination. Ultimately, using a seed starter kit increases the seed and seedling survivability rate.

Different kits offer varying tools, but, in general, a seed starter kit comprises a cell tray insert, a base tray, a humidity dome/lid, grow light, and a heat mat/pad. Some kits may also feature growing media, such as seed starting mixes, peat pellets, or coconut coir, to mention a few.

Cell tray inserts: Also known as the seed tray or seed starting tray, the cell tray insert features individual cells where you can plant the seeds. The smaller cells make it easier to sow a seed and manage it through watering. A single-cell tray insert can accommodate between 6 and 128 seeds.

Base tray: The base tray holds the cell tray insert. Seed trays are usually molded with drain holes at the bottom of each cell to prevent overwatering. The water that drains from the cell tray drains into the base tray. In other kit designs, a base tray can also be used for other styles of planting, such as hydroponics or peat pellet growing media where the cells are unnecessary. Self-watering kits also use the base tray to support the hydration sponge that absorbs the water to supply the roots.

Humidity dome: The humidity dome acts as a lid, covering the cell tray and base tray. This tool is usually clear to allow for natural lighting control. It also comes with adjustable vents where you can control the humidity and temperature to mimic greenhouse conditions. Some dome lids are usually built with grow lights for even better light control.

Grow light: A grow light is usually fitted into the dome or comes separately, allowing you to clip them where you will place the kits. Grow lights provide the full spectrum of light needed to facilitate plant growth and photosynthesis.

Heat mat/pad: A heat mat or pad is usually placed underneath the trays and helps to increase the soil or growing media temperature to speed up seed germination.

Growing media: This is where you sow the actual seeds. You can either use seed starting mixes or organic materials, such as peat or coco coir, to name a few.

Why Use a Seed Starter Kit?

A seed starter kit comes in handy for gardeners and plant growers of all levels. Using a seed starter kit guarantees better results for your seed starting process, enhancing the seedlings’ survivability rate. Moreover, seed starters make the seed-starting process easier and more convenient.

Here are the common benefits of using a seed starter kit;

Seed Starter Kits Provide the Perfect Conditions

 Unlike other tools, seed starter kits are specially designed for seed starting. Therefore, they offer the perfect conditions to promote faster seed germination and seedling growth. The best seed starter kits offer the perfect balance of temperature, humidity, lighting, drainage, and the growing media setup. For instance, sowing a seed into a large pot increases the possibility of the soil pushing down on the seed, damaging it and preventing germination.

Similarly, the pot may not provide the right amount of moisture, drainage, or humidity for seed germination. On the other hand, a seed starting tray, whether it’s cell or organic growing media, offers just the perfect small space for sowing seeds to guarantee germination.

Variety of Designs to Choose From

 Seed starting kits come in a variety of designs and styles based on your needs. For instance, if you are a beginner or want to enjoy more convenience, a self-watering kit is a great option. Your seeds are guaranteed to germinate and grow without the hassle of worrying about watering them daily.

Another great example is seed starters that involve organic biodegradable growing media. For example, you can use seed trays made from peat to sow your seeds. This means that when the seeds grow into seedlings and are ready for transplanting, you don’t have to remove them from the cells.

Instead, you simply plant them into the garden bed or pot while still inside the cells. The biodegradable cells will eventually break down entirely in the soil without affecting the plant or the environment. This style of seed starter comes with the advantage of preventing root shock or damage while making transplanting easier and mess-free.

Come with Tools to Fine Tune the Environment

Unlike other tools, seed starter kits allow you to fine-tune the environment. You get accessories, such as a humidity dome, grow light, and heat mat, among others to accurately control the humidity, lighting, and temperature, to mention a few. Adjusting these parameters helps to speed up germination and growth of seedlings.

Watering is Easier

Seed starting kits are easier to water due to the uniform-sized cell. Moreover, they are designed to facilitate drainage which ensures you never deal with overwatering.

They Help You Get Organized

In general, a single seed tray can have anywhere from 6 to 128 cells – that is 6 to 128 seeds per tray. This design helps you better organize your seedlings and plant more seeds without taking up a lot of space. You can even group your plants if you have different ones.

For instance, one tray can be for herbs, the other for vegetables, and so on. This even makes it easier to handle them. This is because different plants will require transplanting at different periods and intervals.

How To Use A Seed Starter Kit

Different seed starter kits will come with their own operating instructions based on the brand and design. However, they also follow a standard working design, as long as they have the standard parts. These include seed trays, base trays, and humidity domes. Here’s a standard guideline on how to use a seed starter kit;

Prepare the Growing Media

On each cell on the tray, you intend to sow a seed and add the growing media. This can be the seed starting mix, dried peat pellets, or dried coconut coir. If you are using dried peat pellets or coconut coir, you want to activate them so they can expand in size by adding hot water. If you’ve used seed starting mix, moisten it using room temperature water. Tamp down the mix and add more until it covers the entire cells, ensuring the entire mix is moist and damp.

Sow the Seeds

In each cell, create a shallow hole in the dirt, put a single seed, and lightly cover it with the dirt. Spray the cells with some water.

Increase the temperature

If your kit has a dome, cover the ray to keep the interior humid and warm. You can also transfer the entire kit onto a mat to help raise the temperature of the growing media. The ideal temperature for seed germination is typically between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you use a heat mat, always be vigilant with the plant. You have to remove the heat mat immediately and start to adjust the dome vents to lower the temperature and reduce humidity. This is because higher temperatures and humidity can easily overheat the newly sprouted seedlings.

Add Lighting

Place your kit where there’s access to natural lighting, like a windowsill. You will notice that seed starter kit humidity domes are clear, to allow for the light to penetrate. If you don’t have access to enough natural lighting, you can invest in growing lights. Grow lights allow you to adjust the dim levels and even the timing. Seed germination and seedling growth require lighting at different levels, for at least 6 to 12 hours daily.

Don’t Forget Watering

Watering is another important part of seed starting. Your seeds will not germinate if they don’t get enough water and dry out! You can ensure adequate hydration by spraying the top and hydrating from the bottom.

Simply fill water on the base tray and the seedling will absorb the water through the drain holes and into the roots. Don’t worry, this type of watering allows for gradual water uptake so your plants never suffer from overwatering.


After seeds have germinated and seedlings are about to overgrow the cells, it’s time to transplant. Use a widger and dibber to remove the seedlings with their growing media from the cells into the ground or pot. If you use biodegradable cells – even better- simply transfer the cells with the seedlings into the garden bed or pot.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Seed Starter Kit

Ready to order your seed starting kit but don’t know which one to get? Here’s a detailed buyer’s guide to help you choose the best seed starting kit for your needs.

Growing Materials and Media

While some do, most seed starter kits don’t come with the growing media. The growing media is where you sow the seeds. These include seed starting mixes or organic material, such as peat moss or coconut coir, or husks. You want to observe the design of your kit to determine which medium to get. But, other kits may accommodate different media, depending on your needs.

Kit Materials

The material used for the starter kit determines many of its features, including durability and reusability.


Most plastic kits are reusable – all you need to do is wash and reuse. In fact, you can even find good quality food-grade options, such as PET, ABS, rubber, and silicone that allow you to use the dishwasher. But, if you want a more durable option you can use more than once or twice, go for thicker plastic that won’t crack or snap under pressure or in extreme weather conditions. Different types of plastic material also come with additional perks. For example, silicone and rubber are pliable and flexible so you will notice that many of its kits offer pop-out cells that make it easier to remove the seedlings for transplanting. Silicone also has a smoother surface which makes cleaning easier.


Material, such as peat, paper, or coconut coir can also be used as the kit material, particularly the seed trays.  Seed starter kits, such as Growner Peat Pots Seed Starter Trays are made from peat cell trays. You can cut each cell on the tray using scissors once you have the seedling for easy transplanting. You plant the cell along with the plant and allow the cell to decompose in the ground without affecting the environment. This is an excellent solution for curbing the risk of root damage or shock. As these biodegradable trays break down, they can even fix the soil and act as fertilizer. Unfortunately, biodegradable options are not reusable.

Bamboo and wood

Bamboo is another durable and reusable option. It is naturally rugged and can last you for as long as 5 years when used right. On the other hand, wood isn’t as durable as bamboo. This is because it is susceptible to rot caused by microbial, oil, and moisture contamination.


You can find a few clay trays on the market in the form of mini pots. Unfortunately, they can be a little heavier to handle.


you can find good quality reusable metal seed trays. However, opt for rust and corrosion-resistant options, like aluminum and stainless steel. Remember, you will be using them in wet conditions.

Size and Depth

Seed starter kits come in different sizes based on different categories.

Overall size: If you have adequate space, you can choose a larger tray. You can even find multi-level seed starter stations. On the other hand, smaller and more compact options are built for smaller spaces, like window sills.

Cell size: Different kits come with different cell quantities, typically, between 6 and 128 or more cells. If you want to sow more seeds, choose multi-tray options.

For example, the Gardzen 5-Set Garden Propagator Set comprises multiple trays that total 200 cells – so you can sow up to 200 seeds. You will notice that a tray with more cells usually has smaller-sized cells and vice versa.

If you want to transplant your seedlings into a medium to large pot, choose trays with smaller cells to accommodate moderate seedling growth.

Cell depth: Similarly, pay attention to the depth. The longer you want to leave the seedlings in the cell trays, the longer their roots will grow. This means that you want to go for a cell tray with deeper cell depth.

On the other hand, larger cells are ideal for slightly larger seedlings to be transplanted straight into the ground. Nonetheless, the standard size for most cell trays is 1.5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches high per cell. If you are just starting, go for the average number of 10 to 12 cells per tray.

Tip: As a general rule of thumb, go for trays with more cells for vegetable seeds like spinach, kale, or lettuce. This is because these plants usually have a shorter germination and growth period indoors before transplanting. On the other hand, go for trays with fewer cells (no more than 36)for herbs and vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers which take longer.

Kit Design

  • Drain holes: Choose seed trays with individual cell drain holes for optimal hydration and prevention of overwatering.
  • Accessories: Different kits will hold varying accessories. Some may come as complete kits while others will require you to purchase additional tools separately. If you are just getting started, make sure you at least have a seed tray, base tray, and dome. If you want even more convenience and seamless growing, add a grow light and heat mat. If you don’t want to do manual light control, you choose an option with an adjustable controller to automate your process. The Sondiko Seed Starter Tray is a good option.

Top Picks for the Best Seed Starter Kits

  • Type/style: Cell & base tray with humidity dome & drainage holes
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 120
  • Cell size: 1.46” x 1.46” x 2.17”
  • Size (W x L): 10” x 20”
  • Materials: 0.8mm PVC

The Yaungel Seed Starter Tray comes as a complete and all-around seed-growing solution for growers of all levels. The mini greenhouse is best suited for use on the balcony, terrace, or window sills. Moreover, the seed starter kits are specially sized to accommodate flower, vegetable, fruit, and even tobacco seeds.  Nonetheless, the kit’s most prized growth is its heightened dome lid design.

Unlike the standard 2.1-inch height, this kit’s lid extends to a height of 3.3-inch to accommodate more growth and increase the chances of successful transplanting.  The dome lids are designed to fully seal when shut, helping you maintain superior control of the environment. No heat or moisture escapes from the trays when they are securely shut by the lid.

This kit features a 10-pack seed starting tray, with each piece comprising 12 cells.  Along with the 12 growing trays, you also get a humidity dome designed as a heightened lid for each tray, 20 labels, and a mini pointed seedling dibber and widger.  The dibber comes in handy for quickly and easily making holes to sow compost for seeds and also to fill the top of the seed hole. A widger makes it much easier to handle and transfer delicate seedlings and cuttings. 

The seed starting trays are built with optimal functionality in mind, featuring the top transparent cell tray and an opaque green-colored base tray to allow for self-watering. This design also allows for the dual functionality of the kit. You can use the cell tray and base for regular seed starting. Alternatively, you can use the base tray alone to hold peat pellets if you use them as the growing media instead of the cell tray.

On the other hand, the selection of transparent cell trays isn’t random. Instead, using transparent and see-through cells makes it easier to track root growth and development. The growing tray features a standard 10-inch by 20-inch area while the heightened humidity domes are designed with a larger than average growth space. 

On the other hand, you will find an adjustable window at the top of each dome, letting you adjust humidity from 50% to 100%. A drain hole on each cell allows for more personalized hydration and moisture control.


  • Higher heightened humidity dome lid to accommodate more growth
  • Cell and base tray combination is suitable for use with heat mat and plant light
  • Thick and durable reusable PVC material
  • Climate pledge friendly


  • You have to separately buy a plant light and heat mat
  • Type/style: Cell tray with drainage holes
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 36
  • Cell size: 1.46” x 1.46” x 2.17”
  • Size (W x L): 10-3/8” x 11.5”
  • Materials: Silicone

If you want to enjoy even better clean and responsible plant growing and gardening, the Burpee SuperSeed Seed Starting Tray is the ultimate purchase. In addition to its pop-out, reusable seed starting tray design, it comes with a biodegradable seed starting mix.

The kit comes with 36 cell capacity, a soft food-grade silicone cell tray with a gentle flex pop-out design. So, when it’s time to transplant your seedlings, you don’t have to struggle with dibber and widger. This pop-out design also makes it easier to transfer plants with minimal root damage while its dishwasher grade allows for convenient reuse.

The kit also included a smart watering system design on the tray via its molded corner slots. These slots are molded on each of the 36 cells to promote better drainage and soil aeration. While the tray isn’t self-watering, its deep channels help to draw excess moisture and water away from the cells keeping your seedlings healthy.

However, the tray alone is not what makes this eco-friendly seed starter kit awesome. It also comes with 16-quart organic coconut coir concentrated seed starting mix made from 100% recycled coconut husks. This allows for lighter and more sustainable growing media.

With a lighter and well-aerated mix, less pressure is put on the seeds, increasing their chances of successful and healthier growth.  In addition to its compatibility with any plant, coco coir promotes nutrient absorption, aeration, and moisture retention – meaning you water the seeds less and you use less water.

Since the coco coir comes in blocks, you simply pull out what you need for the cell trays. Remember, coconut coir, like peat, expands when water is added. So, you need very little for each cell. And the best part? When you pop the seedlings growing in the coco coir out, you transfer them into the garden beds, pots, or containers as they are. With this kit, all you need is the seeds, water, and light to start growing your favorite plants!


  • Side tray handles for easy pouring of excess water
  • Alphanumerically rows on the tray for easy seedling identification
  • Plant-o-gram diagram included
  • Can be used for vegetables, flowers, and herbs


  • Doesn’t include a humidity dome
  • Type/style: Cell & base tray with a humidity dome and drainage hole
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 120
  • Cell size: 1.5” x 1.5” x 2”
  • Size (W x L): 5.5” x 7”
  • Materials: Plastic

MIXC Seed Starter Kit is one of the most popular and beloved seed starter kits on the market among gardeners and plant growers. This starter kit isn’t just randomly picked. Instead, it stands out for its simple, yet, highly effective and dependable design.

The seed starter kit features an opaque base tray, a see-through 12-cell tray, and a vented humidity dome. Nonetheless, to give you more value for your investment, you get 10 watertight base trays, seed trays, 10 humidity domes, and 10 plant labels.

The vented adjustable humidity dome lets you control the temperature and humidity to your seedling needs. Its clear see-through design also makes light and angling control easier – you can even pair it with a separately bought grow light for even more reliable light control.

Underneath the dome, you get a green-colored opaque base tray with a see-through cell tray insert for easier root growth monitoring. At the bottom of each cell, you will also find drainage holes that prevent overwatering.


  • Reusable design
  • Standard cell size accommodates most plant seeds
  • Up to 10 pieces to accommodate a larger seed lot
  • Ideal cell shape for easier seedling removal for transplanting


  • You have to purchase heat ads and grow lights separately
  • Type/style: Base tray with a humidity dome
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: N/A
  • Cell size: 1.46” x 1.46” x 2.17”
  • Size (W x L): 10” x 20”
  • Materials: Plastic

The Super Sprouter Premium Heated propagation Kit comes as a complete 5-piece kit to cater to beginners. Whether you are starting as an amateur gardener or growing your first produce, this kit can make your journey a lot simpler and more pleasant.

The propagation kit features a seed starting tray and heated dome, grow lights, and a seedling heat mat. The full tray design makes the kit ideal for starting both seeds and cuttings. The heightened dome is transparent and vented for optimal temperature and humidity control while its built-in light track channels control natural lighting.

The included light is an 18-inch high-output T5 fluorescent grow light that covers the full spectrum, just like natural lighting. At the bottom, a seedling heat mat complements the dome for even better-growing temperature control.

While it’s built for beginners, this propagation kit still gives you the freedom to choose the growing media. Unlike regular seed starter kits, it doesn’t come with a cell tray insert. This, in turn, allows you to invest in a cell tray insert or take a more eco-friendly approach by using biodegradable peat pellets.


  • Comes with a booklet for seed starting and cuttings planting advice
  • Versatile – lets you choose the growing medium
  • Reusable design
  • Complete tool kit ideal for beginners


  • No cell tray or drain holes
  • Type/style: Cell & base tray with humidity dome & drainage holes
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 80
  • Cell size: 1.46” x 1.46” x 2.17”
  • Size (W x L): 10” x 20”
  • Materials: Plastic

The Sondiko Seed Starter Tray offers incredible value for money, offering all the essential tools needed to start your planting journey. This seed starter kit offers two see-through 40-cell trays, a colored base tray, a timing controller for light brightness adjustment, and a humidity dome fitted with a humidity window and grow lights. The kit also includes 2 gardening migration tools, i.e. dibber and widger.

The adjustable timing controller works effortlessly with the grow lights which offer a full light spectrum to cater to your seeds’ natural lighting needs. On the other hand, the timing controller offers 5 different dimming levels and 3 timing settings to pick from. The dimming levels range between 25% and 100% while the timer settings include 3h, 6h, and 12h options.

The humidity dome doesn’t just hold the dual pole grow lights. Each dome lid comes with two appropriately sized humidity and temperature control windows with adjustable switches. On either window, you get 4 vents that promote optimal air circulation.

Moreover, the humidity dome features a heightened design, measuring about 3.4 inches, giving your seedlings more space to grow and become stronger before transplanting. The cell and base trays are also fitted with drainage holes to allow for effective hydration and drainage.


  • Can be cleaned, stored, and reused
  • Base trays can be used to support cell trays, peat pellets, or hydroponics
  • A controller can be charged with a USB adapter or power bank
  • Excellent value for money (great price value)


  • None
  • Type/style: Cell & base tray with humidity dome & drainage holes
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 200
  • Cell size: 1.46” x 1.46” x 2.17”
  • Size (W x L): 9” x 14.5”
  • Materials: Plastic

The Gardzen 5-set Garden Propagator Set is what you go for on a strict budget. The seed starting kit accommodates a large seed lot without costing an arm and leg. Containing 5 complete kits, you get five base trays, cell tray inserts, and transparent dome lids.

You also get a dibber and widger. As a result, you can plant up to 40 seeds per tray and a total of 200 seeds per kit. In fact, the 40-cell tray size makes this kit ideal for growing early-season pepper, and Cole crops, such as cabbage and brussel sprouts.

Each cell tray insert contains individual cells to allow for independent seedling growth and transfer without any root disturbance. Further, at the bottom of each cell, you will find a drainage hole at the bottom to promote efficient hydration and prevent overwatering. 

However, the base tray in the kit allows you to use the seed starting kit for hydroponics, too – simply fill the base tray with water! On the other hand, the use of transparent domes offers the perfect balance of humidity, warmth, and natural lighting. But, to make the most of this, you have to place the kit in the right indoor space with adequate access to lighting and the right temperature.


  • Affordably priced – offers up to five 40-cell trays
  • Can be used with a heat mat or grow light
  • Can be used with a humidity dome alone for a greenhouse effect
  • Can be used for hydroponics


  • Opaque cell trays don’t allow root growth monitoring
  • Type/style:  base tray with a humidity dome  
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 24
  • Cell size: 1.5” x 1.5”
  • Size (W x L): 10” x 20”
  • Materials: Peat

If you have a smaller indoor space for your seed starting, you should get the Jiffy 36mm Windowsill Greenhouse Kit. Featuring a case with 36mm peat balls, this seed starter kit is perfect for compact spaces, such as window sills or a small console table.

The kit comes with dual base trays that house 12 peat balls each to grow your seeds. All you do is add water into the trays and let the peat expand from a mere 36mm into a 1.5-inch by 1.5-inch ball where you can place your seeds.  Unlike regular soil, peat offers more aeration, water drainage and promotes optimal nutrient absorption.

Since the growing media is 100% peat, transplanting has never been easier. Simply move the seedlings along with the peat into your garden bed or pot. Since the peat is biodegradable, it ultimately breaks down while in the soil as your seedling continues to grow.

This transplanting method is perfect for eliminating root exposure and shock. To create the perfect greenhouse conditions, a clear dome is included with each base tray for optimal lighting and humidity control.


  • Can be used for any flower, vegetable, or herb seed
  • Each peat ball grows up to 7 times its size when wet
  • Clear dome for light and humidity control
  • Ideal for replicating greenhouse conditions


  • Dome has no vents
  • Type/style: Cell & base tray with humidity dome & drainage holes
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 72
  • Cell size: 1.5” x 1.5” x 2”
  • Size (W x L): 10” x 20”
  • Materials: Plastic

Investing in the Burpee Self-Watering Seed Starter Tray eliminates the stress and doubts of efficiently watering your seeds and seedlings. The self-watering system is designed to be self-sufficient and take care of itself. It features dual 36-cell planting trays with a single greenhouse humidity dome, watering tray, self-watering mat, and reservoir tray.

Adding the self-watering mat to the water tray allows for gradual, even, and efficient watering of the plants. The self-watering mat simply draws water from the tray to the roots in smaller and more regulated amounts for accelerated and safer root growth.

With this growing kit design, there’s no need for regular watering. On the other hand, the cell planting trays offer individual growing sections for each seedling, guaranteeing optimal moisture retention and germination improvement.

The individual cells allow for easier root growth and eliminate possible damage or interruption to the roots. For even more convenience, the seed starter kit comes with patented Super growing Pellets. Made from natural coconut fiber, these pellets promote healthier root growth and further prevent overwatering. Ultimately, with this growing kit, all you need are your seeds, proper lighting, and water!


  • The kit is designed to hold enough water for up to 10 days
  • Free six 4-inch plant markers included to mark seedlings
  • 2 plant-o-grams diagrams are included to track where you sow seeds
  • Pairs with a heat mat for more reliable germination


  • The kit isn’t see-through at the bottom– so no visual monitoring
  • Type/style: Cell & base tray with humidity dome & drainage holes
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 48
  • Cell size: 1.46” x 1.46” x 2.17”
  • Size (W x L): 10” x 20”
  • Materials: 0.8mm PVC

If you want to enjoy maximum convenience, the Yaungel Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light takes full control of your seed-starting journey. The 4-pack seed starter tray kit is fitted with a timing controller with adjustable brightness and heightened humidity dome lids for optimal control. This seed starter kit is designed to give you the best light control.

Unlike the regular standard 4 LED light beaded kits, each dome lid is fitted with 8 light beads. This, in turn, gives you more lighting for your plants, enjoying full spectrum light, just like with natural sunlight. The kit is also equipped with a twice-thick base tray and twice a high dome lid for stronger plant support and more growth space.

The included adjustable controller works effectively with the light beads to give your plants the best lighting conditions. You can even preset the dimming levels based on the times of the day and hours. Lighting is not the only variable you have control of with this kit, however. The kit features a dome lid with an adjustable window where you can control the humidity level between 50% and 100%.

The base tray also comes with a see-through cell tray for traditional seed growing and germination. Each cell on the cell tray has a drainage hole for personalized drainage and hydration control. But, you can also remove the cell tray and use the base tray alone to support peat pellet growing media, if you want a more biodegradable and eco-friendly option. In the kit, you also get a USB data cable for the intelligent timing controller, along with 20 labels, and 2 garden tools, i.e. a dibber and widger.


  • The intelligent controller offers 4 brightness levels and timer settings
  • Automated on and off timing settings
  • Dome lid window for temperature control
  • 2-in-1 base tray functionality


  • No heat mat included
  • Type/style: Cell & base tray with humidity dome & drainage holes
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 120
  • Cell size: 2.2” x 2.2” x 2.17”
  • Size (W x L): 10” x 20.75”
  • Materials: Plastic

If you are looking for the perfect geeky gift for your gardener friend or loved one, the Soligt 2 Set 60-Cell Seed Starter Kit doesn’t disappoint. The 2-set starter kit comes with all the necessary tools to kickstart seed starting. However, what’s impressive is the more advanced design and features on the kit that come in handy for gardeners of all levels – whether seasoned, amateur, or beginner.

In fact, you can use this starter kit as a seed starting, cloning, propagation, and germination station. The kit comes with 2 sets, each containing a 60-cell seedling tray, seed base tray, humidity dome, and heat mat. The seedling trays are molded with larger-than-average cells, measuring 2.2 inches against the standard 1.4 inches.

Plus, each cell on this reusable tray has a drainage hole for easy water and moisture control. On the other hand, while the base tray supports the seedling trays, you can also use it individually for hydroponics or peat pellets.

The humidity dome features two built-in humidity adjustable vents at the top letting you control the levels between 50% and 100%. The dome features a heightened build, extending to about 5.1 inches to accommodate the seedlings better. The use of clear plastic also promotes light penetration and angling for the plants.

The heat mat offers a waterproof build and comes in handy for boosting seed germination and seedling growth. The heavy-duty mat can warm the soil in the trays between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient air temperature for perfect germination and propagation conditions.


  • Accommodates plants of all types
  • Ideal for seed starting, plant cloning, and growing salads and herbs
  • Can also be used for indoor or greenhouse gardening
  • Reusable design


  • No grow light included
  • Type/style: Cell & base tray with humidity dome & drainage holes
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: 54
  • Cell size: 1.5” x 1.5” x 2”
  • Size (W x L): 5” x 5”
  • Materials: PET, heavy-duty ABS plastic, and food-grade silicone

The Luvcosy Colorful Illuminated Seed Starter Kit adds just the right pop of color to your living space while helping you grow your seedlings. After all, who said seed starting can’t be just as glamorous as complete ornamental plants? So, in addition to beautiful indoor ornamental plants, you can design and style starting seeds and seedlings using these reusable growing kits.

The starter kit comes with 6 reusable silicone cell trays, 6 PET and ABS base trays, 6 humidity domes with LED grow lights, and 80 plant labels to get you started. The cell and base trays come in vibrant and bright apple green, carrot orange, and lemon yellow shades. The seed cell trays even feature an interesting flex pop-out design for stress and mess-free transplanting.

You can use soil, seed starting mix, or biodegradable peat or coir and easily wash and reuse once done. On the other hand, each tray is covered by a 4-inch high dome with equally bright and visible colored adjustable humidity and temperature vents. You will also find a full spectrum Led grow light around the same area to allow for even better seed germination conditions.


  • Can be used in small spaces, windowsills, and balconies
  • Side handles on the tray for easier handling
  • Can be used with a heat mat
  • Free mini shovel and tweezers


  • Smaller than standard kits
  • Type/style: Sprout & base tray
  • No of Cells/Growing Media: N/A
  • Cell size: N/A
  • Size (W x L): 10.63” x 14.17”
  • Materials: Stainless steel

The Jitnetiy Rectangle Stainless Steel Seed Sprouting Tray is specially designed for growing sprout seeds. Whether you intend on growing beans and peas, or simply harvest sprouts for salads, this seed starter tray is the perfect investment.

The seed starter kit comprises a smooth-edged strong sprout tray with multiple minuscule 3mm sprout holes and a thick bottom water base tray. This seed starter tray set features pretty simple working steps. All you do is pick the highest quality seeds, soak them in water, and transfer them to the sprout tray. Cover them with nursery paper and spray some water, place the sprout tray on top of the water-filled base tray.

Once you notice sprouts forming, remove the nursery paper and continue spraying with water at least 4 times daily until you notice seedlings you can harvest. The best part is germination typically happens between 3 and 5 days!


  • Smooth and rounded tray design for safer use
  • Reusable polished stainless steel design
  • A 3mm sprout tray is ideal for medium to large seeds
  • Can be used for other kitchen prep applications


  • Transplanting is alittle difficult with the lack of separating cells

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Seed Starting Kits Worth It?

A seed starting kit is certainly worth the investment. These kits are specially designed to facilitate seed starting, germination, and seedling growth.  They also offer the perfect conditions to optimize seedling survival rates. They also allow you to prepare seedlings earlier during the cold season when it is too cold to plant outdoors.

Where Should I Place My Seed Starter Kits?

Place your seed starter kits where there is enough access to sunlight, like the windowsill. But, if you don’t have adequate access to lighting, you can place seed starters anywhere and complement them with grow light(s). Make sure you control other environmental parameters, like the humidity and temperature which are vital for seed germination.

Can I Water Seeds Instead of Spraying Them?

Other than spraying seeds in the topsoil, burying the seeds, and watering from the bottom, you should avoid pouring water on the topsoil. This is because the relatively higher water pressure against the delicate seed can easily wash it away and prevent germination from happening.

The Verdict

While you can use a variety of readily available items in your household, investing in the best seed starter kits is the best way to guarantee the best results. First, these tools help significantly boost your seedling and plant’s survivability rate.

Specially built for seed starting, seed starter kits also offer the right design, features, and conditions for easier and more convenient growing, especially when doing so in bulk. Moreover, you get to choose a variety of seed starter options to suit your needs – whether you want a biodegradable or reusable choice.