How far apart should tomatoes be planted?

How far apart should tomatoes be planted

Are you considering planting a tomato garden? Congratulations — There’s nothing quite like fresh tomatoes! If you’re planning on growing a good volume, however, it’s going to take some planning. So, how far apart should tomatoes be planted in order to keep them healthy and ensure that they bear the most fruit? For best results, … Read more

When does Bougainvillea bloom?

When does Bougainvillea bloom

If you’ve just planted a juvenile Bougainvillea and it seems to be healthy, then there’s probably just one question on your mind. When does Bougainvillea bloom? Well, the quick answer is that in USDA Zone 9 – 11, your Bougainvillea is an evergreen perennial, and so it will bloom throughout the year. Outside of these … Read more

How fast do Bougainvilleas grow?

How fast do Bougainvilleas grow

If you are new to raising Bougainvilleas then one of your first questions will naturally be ‘How fast do Bougainvilleas grow?”. As it turns out, it’s very fast indeed! Bougainvillea vines, in ideal conditions, can grow as much as 36 inches per year! That means you’ll need to decide if you want to ‘keep them … Read more

How to propagate Bougainvillea (2 Ways)

How to propagate Bougainvillea 

If you’ve ever wondered how to propagate Bougainvillea plants then you have come to the right place! Today, we’ve got two techniques to share with you that can help you to make a tiny clone of any of your beloved Bougainvillea plants that you can nurture and transplant wherever you like in your garden. It’s … Read more

How long does a tomato plant live?

How long does a tomato plant live

Tomatoes are found in most gardens around the world and while most gardeners raise them as annuals, in tropical environments they’re actually considered perennials! So, how long does a tomato plant live, anyways? Well, outside of tropical climes, usually one growing season of 6 to 8 months will be the normal lifespan of a tomato … Read more