Guide On How To Prune Hydrangeas

How to prune hydrangeas

This general guide will teach you how to prune hydrangeas. There are many varieties of hydrangeas, and certain bushes need specified pruning techniques for proper growth and flower production. Depending on what particular type of hydrangea you have, you’ll need to adopt a different pruning technique. Hydrangeas are often used as a border, a statement … Read more

Hydrangea Care Master Guide

Hydrangea Care Guide

You see them in your neighborhood, at the nursery, and at local home improvement stores and wonder if hydrangeas will suit your garden and your experience level. The big, beautiful leaves, with the mounds of pillowy flowers, are appealing to many home gardeners. They come in different shapes, can climb, be bushy, or grow like … Read more

12 Reasons You Have Yellow Orchid Leaves

Yellow Orchid Leaves

Yellow orchid flowers are stunning and beautiful. But when you see yellow foliage on an orchid, it means something is wrong.  Anyone who has owned orchids before may have come across this issue. A once healthy and hardy orchid is suddenly struggling and the lush green leaves are now looking weak and yellow.  Sometimes yellow … Read more

Yellow Gardenia Leaves And What They Mean

Yellow Gardenia Leaves

Gardenias often steal our hearts with their glossy, emerald, evergreen leaves and the famous, heady, perfumed flowers that grace us with their intoxicating scents in the summer.  They usually stay relatively compact, though some can grow up to or beyond 40 feet tall, so they’re great for small spaces. But, they are known for being … Read more

Why Are My Hydrangeas Wilting

Why are my Hydrangeas wilting

Overall, hydrangeas are easy to grow, hardy plants that can grow in many types of soil and weather conditions. They typically grow well in USDA Grow Zones 3 through 9. They’re big, bushy, and beautiful in the spring and summer garden. Though they are not finicky plants, sometimes they will experience a bit of wilting. … Read more

How to Water a Monstera

How to Water a Monstera Plant

You just brought home your first Monstera or Swiss cheese plant and you’re excited to add it to your mix. Maybe it’s your first foray into house plants because it looks so cool! Either way, congratulations, these plants are quite original and stunning in their displays. The problem is a lot of nursery helpers—especially employees … Read more

Hydrangea Meaning – Uncovering The Symbolism

Hydrangea Meaning

The big, round flower clusters of hydrangeas may be synonymous with summer, and to a lesser degree, the laid back south, but are there deeper meanings? Hydrangeas have different meanings and symbolism depending on the culture, and even the color of the flowers. They can symbolize heartfelt emotion, apologies, or even stand for boastful arrogance. … Read more

How To Prune Monstera Plants

How To Prune Monstera Plants

A native to dense tropical rainforests, the Monstera deliciosa plant is a beautiful and swift growing plant. They like to climb as they are used to competing for rain and sunlight from dense, huge trees. With a little bit of proper care, Monstera plants can quickly reach small tree sizes and can take over a … Read more