Monstera Light Needs – Full Guide

Monstera Light Needs

The broad, dark green, holey leaves of the Monstera plant are becoming more and more popular. Plant lovers everywhere are falling in love with the unique look of the Swiss Cheese Plant. With this newfound love, come plenty of questions, like how much light does the Monstera species require? These leafy tropicals need between 8 … Read more

Are Monsteras Toxic To Dogs

Are Monsteras Toxic To Dogs

Having both plants and four legged, furry pets in the house can pose some unique challenges. Dogs for the most part don’t consume plants, but sometimes they are curious, or just bored and can tear up some of your beloved greenery. What happens if they decide to take a bite or four out of your … Read more

Top 8 Best Fertilizer For Hydrangeas

Best Fertilizer For Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are easy to keep flowers, but they need fertilizer to reach their greatest potential. With their bold, large, green foliage, and oversized, bulbous flowerheads, hydrangeas are a summer favorite all around. These flower bushes will grow well on their own, but to get thick, healthy, full bushes, and heavy flowers you’ll need the right … Read more

How To Revive Hydrangeas (7 Issues)

How To Revive Hydrangeas

Summer just isn’t summer if you haven’t spent time outside on the porch with a cold drink in your hands and a hydrangea blooming somewhere in sight. These plants are simply synonymous with summer. They produce large, round clusters of flowers that look like the perfect scoop of ice cream. But, when these beautiful plants … Read more

How To Propogate Hydrangeas (4 Ways)

How to propogate hydrangeas

Wondering how to propagate hydrangeas? You’re not alone! These vibrant showstoppers with their lush, summer blooms are every gardener’s dream. Beyond their visual charm, they’re a pure joy to cultivate. If you’re itching to have more of these beauties dancing around your garden, there’s good news – it’s entirely possible to grow more from the … Read more

How To Propagate Monstera

How To Propagate Monstera

Looking to bring some tropical elegance into your home? You can’t go wrong with the Swiss Cheese plant, also known as Monstera Deliciosa. Instead of going out and buying two, three, or more to spread them all around your house, just propagate the one you have. Don’t worry, it’s really easy, and you can probably … Read more

How To Care For Monstera Aerial Roots

How To Care For Monstera Aerial Roots

Monstera deliciosa, commonly known as Swiss Cheese Plants, captivate with their lush, uniquely perforated leaves. As their popularity continues to surge in homes everywhere, a key aspect of their growth – the emergence of long, woody aerial roots – often raises questions. What are these aerial roots? How can you best care for them to … Read more

The Best Soil To Use For Monstera Plants

The Best Soil To Use For Monstera Plants

The “Swiss Cheese Plant” or Monstera Deliciosa is quickly becoming a very popular tropical houseplant. The plant with the naturally occurring holes and slits in the leaves is an easy plant to care for…as long as you know what it needs. They need plenty of indirect light, high humidity, warm temperatures, and of course a … Read more

Monstera Minima Care Guide

Monstera Minima care

Seeking a distinct plant with remarkable foliage that won’t overpower your space? You might find your answer in the Monstera Minima. Perhaps you’re already familiar with or desire the imposing Monstera Deliciosa, but seek a more compact alternative. The Monstera Minima, while retaining the distinctive fenestrations (natural holes and slits in the leaves) of its … Read more